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A wholesome sci-fi adventure with laid-back exploration, quirky machine repairs, and cozy comfort foods.

FixFox | Wholesome Sci-fi Adventure Game


about fixfox

Arriving on a curious planet, Vix and her toolbox Tin explore deep space, fixing quirky machines with unconventional tools and eating cozy meals with kind robot locals. 

FixFox | Wholesome Sci-fi Adventure Game

Play as Vix, an unlucky space mechanic, who crashlands on a mysterious planet where tools are forbidden. Vix and Tin go on an epic adventure, repairing an interstellar beacon, constructing giant mechs, and unraveling a cosmic mystery that transcends existence.


🚀  Explore a uniquely handcrafted world in 8-bit pixel art.


😁  Make friends with a memorable cast of characters.


🍵  Solve puzzles and side quests at your own pace.


🎸  Hum along to catchy chiptunes as you play.


and discover

Traverse the planet by scooter, clear pathways with a power loader, or go on a journey by paw to discover Karamel's landmarks then finish your day next to a toasty campfire.

FixFox | Wholesome Sci-fi Adventure Game
FixFox | Wholesome Sci-fi Adventure Game

Fix and Build

Repair friendly machines with unconventional tools like coins, bandages, glowy bananas… anything really! Construct and operate giant mechs to help the locals with peculiar problems.

Eat and
make friends

Enjoy cozy meals like homey soups, warm rice bowls, and even some totally-not-expired pudding. Making a friend over a meal with hospitable robots could reveal important clues.

FixFox | Wholesome Sci-fi Adventure Game
FixFox | Wholesome Sci-fi Adventure Game

Fix more than

An estranged brother looking for a lost sibling and artificial intelligences working through past traumas are just a few of the tangled mysteries that need to be taken apart and fixed.

FixFox | Wholesome Sci-fi Adventure Game

A World Beyond

In order to survive the catastrophe of climate change on Earth, mankind modified themselves to take on animal traits. Fur from this genetic splicing helps humanity cope with the freezing weather and hibernate through interstellar flights. This furry future is where the story of FixFox takes place.

Rendlike | FixFox | Wholesome Sci-Fi Adventure Game

FixFox is made by Rendlike, a solo developer studio based in Prague, Czech Republic. Jaroslav Meloun leads the studio with his foremost passion to put meaningful, non-violent games into the world.


With more than eight years of developing games, Jaroslav has brought games to PC, PlayStation, Xbox and mobile platforms. He's had a hand in creating over 50 game jam titles and has worked on games such as Saturnalia, Don't Give Up and Dex.


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