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Rendlike (Jaroslav Meloun)

Based in Prague, Czech Republic

Founding Date:

July 2017


Press / Business Contact:



Prague, Czech Republic


Rendlike is a solo developer studio based in Prague, Czech Republic. Jaroslav Meloun leads the studio with his foremost passion to put meaningful, non-violent games into the world.


With more than eight years of developing games, Jaroslav has brought games to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile platforms. He's had a hand in creating over 50 game jam titles and has worked on games such as Saturnalia, Don't Give Up, and Dex.


Early History

My first computer was Atari 130XE and from the moment I wrote my first line BASIC code, I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life. Around 2003, I started making Flash games based on Futurama.

Game Jams & Game Development Career

In 2009, I discovered indie games, and thanks to Ludum Dare, got totally hooked on game development and doing game jams. In 2011, I established a Global Game Jam site in Prague.


Rendlike History
Rendlike Games
Rendlike Videos


FixFox Launch Trailer YouTube

FixFox Story Trailer YouTube

FixFox Cozy Trailer YouTube

FixFox Game Trailer YouTube

Rendlike Logo and Icon

Logo & Icon

Rendlike | FixFox | Wholesome Sci-Fi Adventure Game
Rendlike | FixFox | Wholesome Sci-Fi Adventure Game
Rendlike Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

  • "Ranked #20 of 70 in Best Gameplay - Lunar Holiday" - Adventure Jam 2015, April 2015

  • "Ranked #48 of 1200 in Innovation category - Admin vs BFU" - Ludum Dare 31, September 2014

  • "Ranked #8 of 891 in Innovation category - Super Animal Friendship Club" - Ludum Dare 22, September 2011

Rendlike Selected Articles

Selected Articles

  • "Jaroslav Meloun is a solo indie developer with a mission: to make video games that teach people empathy and compassion, without resorting to violence or coercion." - TheGamer

  • "Jaroslav is an incredibly talented gameplay programmer and a true pleasure to work with. We can't wait to share with you the innovative systems he created for Saturnalia – meanwhile, he is looking for new meaningful games to work on!" - Santa Ragione

  • "Without Jaroslav's help I would have never been able to make DGU, he's a really great all-around guy who will not only implement the code but will in many cases improve beyond the original specs, highly recommended if you need an engineer!" - Tristan Barona

Rendlike Additonal Links

Additional Links

Developer Logos

Global Game Jam Prague

Organizer since 2011 at

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